Messy Church News

We are up and running regularly again now. It was so good to see our banner up at the front of the building once again. It means that we return to an “open door”, happy to welcome all who visit. It also means that our numbers are usually much higher. Because of this, and as we are going into the holiday season, I am wondering whether there are any folk who would be willing to go on a list of helpers who might be called upon very occasionally if we needed them. Please let me know. Thanks to all those who are regular helpers. We would not be able to run without you.

We are meeting on the last Friday of the month from 1.30. In our next session, on Friday 27th May we are looking at St Andrew and will be playing and making some bits to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Church. As usual we will have tea together and this time it has to be fish fingers, Andrew was, of course, a fisherman before he went off to follow Jesus.

Next sessions are; June 24th,July 29th, and August 26th

Hope to see you there!