Messy Church

Messy Church for December 2022
Our October Messy Church was in half-term and we love to welcome some families who can’t attend during term time. We had a great turn out with 28 children, plus adults. There were lots of exciting activities to illustrate our theme which was Listening and was linked to the story of Samuel in the Temple. Amongst other things, the children had great fun playing and making musical instruments and wandering around with listening ears. In Celebration time the children had enjoyed acting out the story of Samuel as Lis told the
story. So we had 28 Samuels lying on the church floor wrapped up in blankets and John was a very loud “Voice of God” from the back of the church.

In December we are having a Messy Christmas session on Friday 23rd December from 1.30
Our minister, Rach, will be leading the Celebration time for that Friday.

Hope to see you there.


Entrance is free: Donations welcome.