Messy Church

Messy Church for January 2023
Our Messy Church seems to have returned to pre-COVID numbers. We usually have  higher numbers when our meeting coincides with school holidays as we then reach the schools not closed on Friday afternoon. Our regular visitors attend the more local schools which all close on Friday afternoons (that is Haydon Wick, Moredon Primary and Rodbourne Cheney). We also have a high number of toddlers and babies who enjoy playing and mixing with the  others.

We had a review/planning meeting and there  were many positive comments, one of which was the way we see the children grow in confidence. This is true of the parents/carers too.

In December we had a Messy Christmas session very close to Christmas. The atmosphere was lovely with lots of fun activities and a tasty tea (thanks to John M) to sit down and enjoy. Rach came and led our Celebration Time and we were all so pleased to see her joining in with Messy Church. Each child was given a little “Story of Jesus” book  as a gift from St Andrew’s .They all went home very happy and excited because it was Christmas Eve the next day.

Just a reminder that our Messy Church takes place on the last Friday of the month from 1.30 to about 3.30. It is for all ages. Please come along and join in. See you there!


Entrance is free: Donations welcome.