Messy Church

In July we felt that things at Messy Church were really getting back to normal. We had a great session and a good number of folk of all ages came along. We had 21 children plus their carers and some older adults. It meant that, including helpers, over 50 people sat on the church lawn to enjoy a picnic tea. It is always lovely to see our church premises used fully and at Messy Church we certainly use all the space we are lucky to have at St Andrew’s. None of our families are from the church or church attenders so we really try to make their experience of Messy Church a happy, fun, caring and thoughtful time. We like to be generous as a church and we are thankful to the church for funding this work. Our theme in August was taken from Jesus’ words about the wise man building his house on a rock. Our activities included painting pebbles, building with all sorts of materials, using sand and playing with water, making big and little houses pictures and making rocky road biscuits. There were also home-made rock cakes to eat at tea time. Our celebration included a song from Samuel who had the children entranced as he played his guitar and a visit from our puppet Frankie who tried to distinguish between, foolish and wise activities.

Please pray for our Messy Church, the families and helpers.


Entrance is free: Donations welcome.