Minister’s Newsletter

May 2018

This month will see us launching our ‘Holy Habits’ journey beginning with a 2 circuit celebration in the afternoon of Pentecost Sunday (20th May).

This seems a most appropriate time for us collectively to begin reflecting on how we are called to live and act as Jesus disciples. It is all too easy in today’s busy world to become distracted from finding or making time for those things that Jesus would say help us to have a healthy Christian lifestyle and of being his disciples. It’s not about ‘jumping through hoops’ or ‘sticking to a set of rules for the sake of the rules’, but about the way we shape our everyday living in a way that matches Jesus own example and teaching.

We will be spending time together on looking at various aspects of what the early church understood as fundamental to a healthy Christian life and community including from being in fellowship with one another, to prayer & biblical teaching and service. All of this comes from what we learn of the new emerging Christian community in Acts chapter 2; that which we hear about immediately after the new outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on the frightened, vulnerable group of believers on Pentecost. This was the moment that transformed this small but growing group of believers into the bold and confident proclaimers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Just as our early church forerunners we too need the help, guidance strength and support of God’s Holy spirit in all that we seek to do and become as disciples of Christ. Pentecost Sunday in our reminder that the same gift is ours as there’s. Let us celebrate and give thanks and look forward to our journey of discovery and growth together with excitement and anticipation.

God bless,