The Minister “sits down”

As I ‘sit down’ (retire) I could look back on my four years as Pastoral Presbyter at St Andrew’s, but I would prefer that we look forward. The fellowship at St Andrew’s has always seemed to me to be forward looking in the sense that they look to what they can do next and in what way they can relate to and help the community in which they sit. This they achieve through the gifts and graces of so many people in the fellowship.

This is where I feel the role of a Presbyter lies, in recognising the gifts of people and helping people to recognise their gifts themselves, in listening as they bring forward ideas and developments and then encouraging them to use them these gifts, follow these ideas and supporting them as they move forward.

As the church does this, it does so knowing, as Wesley said ‘the best of all, God is with us.’

Every blessing,


Rev. Mark Barrett
Superintendent Presbyteral Minister of the North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit.
Presbyteral Minister for Bath Road, St. Andrew’s and Rodbourne Methodist churches.