Minister’s Newsletter

July 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

So we approach the end of the Methodist year which runs like the academic year, September to August. By the time you are reading this Conference would have passed.

Each year some 600 Methodists, half ordained and half lay, gather to discuss the life, ways and future of the church. Those sent are chosen by Districts to represent the people of the church.

Everyone’s vote counts the same. Thus we have a very democratic process.

There are some major decisions to be made over the next two years, not just made at Conference but involving us all.

The “Marriages and Relationships” report is coming for debate this year and next year we will be asked as Circuits and as Districts to read the Conference main points and conclusions and then feed back to the Conference Office.

We will let you all know in good time.

It is the sign of a healthy church that engages with it’s people as it seeks it’s way forward.

Be part of this, be encouraged and be heard.


Rev. Mark Barrett
Superintendent Presbyteral Minister of the North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit.
Presbyteral Minister for Bath Road, St. Andrew’s and Rodbourne Methodist churches.