Minister’s Newsletter

September 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I play golf, in fact I play golf badly very well. My wife, Gill, and I had a few days away playing golf. With the weather we have had recently you can only imagine the state of the courses, fairways brown with no green grass, greens needing to be kept flat, green and puttable. If the fairways are not worked on they crack and the ball goes anywhere. If the greens are not cared for they become unplayable.

The way they are cared for by the chief greenskeeper and their staff. Working early morning, later evening, rushing around during the day.

Now imagine the recent Open, or The Masters at Augusta. The courses are in prime condition for the great players to play great shots. If the fairways and greens were cracked, lumpy and clumpy with grass and weeds, those shots would no look good at all.
The same can be said for the state of the Wimbledon Courts, the pitches at Twickenham, Wembley or Lord’s.

We stand back and admire the players, yet what they do is only possible by the work of others.