Minister’s Newsletter

March 2018

Often by March I am enjoying and writing about daffodils in the garden and the signs of Spring emerging around us but as I write my letter for this year’s March letter the scene is quite different. Snow is now falling quite steadily outside and I am wondering just how much we will get. Signs of Winter rather than Spring….

Yet, also still peaking above the snow, the snowdrops in my garden can be seen.

Such vulnerable and fragile looking, delicate flowers. However, they are perhaps some of our most resilient and wonderful messengers of the coming Spring. Despite the freezing weather they stand there resolutely as harbingers of the good news of new life.

 Picture © Alan M.Barker [from the worship cloud]

We can also feel a little like those snowdrops; vulnerable and fragile against the challenges and storms of life. Yet we too can stand firm and resilient with the knowledge that God stands with us and that the storms will pass leading us into the hope and promise of new life.

This is indeed the journey we make with Jesus during this time of Lent as we reflect once again on his journeying towards the cross. He too seemingly vulnerable and defeated at that which raged against him. But Easter morning reminds us that even death itself is defeated through Jesus’ death and resurrection, and new life, life eternal dawns for us all.

It is perhaps hard to see the signs of Spring as we look out today, but they are there for us to find. In our daily living it can also be hard to see the signs of God’s love, hope and new life in times of challenge and struggle.

As we recognise the signs for us maybe in turn we need to be like the snowdrop, standing resilient as wonderful messengers pointing to the Good News of God’s love to all.