Minister’s Newsletter

I wonder how you feel about Advent and Christmas? Are you excited or are your dreading it? I am looking forward to the new ways that I’ll get to celebrate as we journey from Advent Sunday towards Christmas, getting to worship together.

This year with the rising cost of living crisis Christmas feels expensive and risky. I’m certainly going to decorate my artificial tree but will I switch the lights on this year? I want to go out of my way to ensure the children in my life are treated well, but that may well be making sure they have warm clothes, and their parents have money for treats as well as essentials.

Christmas brings with it a mix of emotions. It’s a season expectantly waiting for the baby that will change the world. But as a childless adult, advent is the yearly reminder that I’ve never been pregnant. We even talk about Christmas as a time for children; the gifts, the lights, the party games. Maybe you will notice other people who aren’t at your table this season.

Amongst all of that we bring all that we are, before the saviour of the world who arrived as a vulnerable child, lived a risky life that eventually led to his death and resurrection so that we may come to know the God who created us, exactly as we are.
Whatever this coming months have in store for you, the ups and downs of the season may you know God’s love is close.

Rev’d Rach