Minister’s Newsletter

October 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

At this time the Rugby World Cup is taking place in Japan. My dad
brought me up not only to play the game, but to embody it’s spirit in both
the one and life. I played it and, as a teacher, coached it. My daughter
plays rugby now and coaches it at her school.

One of the great things about rugby is that people of all shapes and
sizes can play. Each position enables people of all shapes and sizes to
be involved. It enabled me as a school coach to get people involved in
rugby who had not been involved in sport before.

For me getting as many people involved in the sport was an extension of
my teaching philosophy and now of my ministry.

The tasks of the kingdom are the tasks of all who are Christians. Each
and every one of us have fruits and gifts that come to us in and through
the Holy Spirit.

Whoever we are we are called, as Christians, to help to spread the grace
and love of God and in doing so welcome people into the Kingdom.
Whatever shape, size or age we are.

In Jesus name,


Rev. Mark Barrett
Superintendent Presbyteral Minister of the North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit.
Presbyteral Minister for Bath Road, St. Andrew’s and Rodbourne Methodist churches.